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Space mission to Jupiter

SENER develops the magnetometer boom for the JUICE space mission.

Space mission to Jupiter

AB212 helicopters

SENER is responsible of the design, integration, and engineering in the life extension program for AB212 helicopters.

AB212 helicopters

Multipurpose vehicle

SENER successfully developed the door installation system for Embraer’s KC390 military aircraft.

Multipurpose vehicle


Space and Astronomy

Solar Orbiter

SENER is an international leader in the space industry, with more than 270... pieces of equipment and systems successfully supplied to satellites and space vehicles for NASA, ESA, JAXA and Roscosmos. Institutes and companies such as CNES, Airbus Space & Defense, Thales Space, OHB, RUAG, SELEX and CSIC also number among its clients. [+]


Predator B block 5

In Defense, SENER is a supplier of electromechanical systems, systems for... submarines and helicopter modernization services. [+]

Aeronautics and vehicles

Avión KC 390 de Embraer

In Aeronautics and Vehicles, SENER develops electromechanical systems and... aeronautical production lines, as well as providing engineering services both for aircraft, railway rolling stock and other vehicles. [+]

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Aerospace E-ELT Secondary and Tertiary Mirrors Cells

E-ELT Secondary and Tertiary Mirrors Cells

The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) is a revolutionary new ground-based telescope concept that will have a 39-metre main ... mirror and will be the largest optical/near-infrared telescope in the world.[+]

Aerospace Muscle Atrophy Research and Exercise System (MARES)

Muscle Atrophy Research and Exercise System (MARES)

MARES (Muscle Atrophy Research and Exercise System) is a European Space Agency (ESA) facility for research into the effects ...caused by weightlessness on human muscles. This system is integrated in the Columbus module of the International Space Station (ISS)and is part of the NASA Human Research Facility. The main objectives of the MARES system are: To carry out research on muscle-skeletal, bio-mechanical, neuromuscular, and neurological physiology. To study the effect of micro-gravity on[+]

Aerospace JUICE. Deployable magnetometer boom. (MAGBOOM)

JUICE. Deployable magnetometer boom. (MAGBOOM)

The purpose of this magnetometer boom for JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer program) is to place some of the ...instruments needed for scientific experiments away from the magnetic disturbances of the spacecraft.  The boom is a structure consisting of three segments of composite material (CFRP) and the corresponding titanium hinges, whose deployed length is 10.6 m (with an undeployed length of 3.8 m). The boom features non-explosive release and hold-down mechanisms[+]

Aerospace EUCLID. Secondary Mirror Refocusing Mechanism (M2M)

EUCLID. Secondary Mirror Refocusing Mechanism (M2M)

The M2MM is a positioning mechanism with 5 degrees of freedom which allows the movement and adjustment of the ...secondary mirror (M2M) of the EUCLID telescope to guarantee the optical quality required in orbit, necessary to recover telescope misalignment caused by the difference in conditions between the earth and space.  Characteristics: Radiation environment: The unit is designed to tolerate a uniformly distributed total dose of 22 krad inside the box. Mass: MDE 2.1 kg.[+]

SENER’s 50 years in Space

Conmemorative website:
Conmemorative website:

SENER launches a website to celebrate its 50th anniversary in the Space industry. This site offers exclusive content such as:

  • a timeline of the company's main milestones and projects in the aerospace sector,
  • the SENER in Space comic, entitled 'SENER, a Stellar Trajectory',
  • articles y anecdotes related to the Space missions  in which SENER has actively participated,
  • information about the Space dialogues initiative 'Diálogos d’Espacio', a meeting to spread SENER activities through outstanding personalities from the scientific and technological fields, 
  • multimedia content.

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