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Leading innovation in Aerospace

In the Space, Defense and Aeronautics, we successfully supply engineering services, produce equipment and integrate systems.

Leading innovation in Aerospace
50 years being pioneers in Space

More than 275 in-flight delivered hardware successfully deployed as part of satellites and payloads.

Video: 50 years in Space
50 years being pioneers in Space
AB-212 helicopters

SENER is responsible of the design, integration, and engineering in the life extension program for AB-212 helicopters.

AB-212 helicopters
Meteosat Third Generation (MTG)

Responsible for three important contracts for Meteosat Third Generation.

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Meteosat Third Generation (MTG)


Space and Astronomy

Solar Orbiter

SENER is an international leader in the space industry, with more than 270... pieces of equipment and systems successfully supplied to satellites and space vehicles for NASA, ESA, JAXA and Roscosmos. Institutes and companies such as CNES, Airbus Space & Defense, Thales Space, OHB, RUAG, SELEX and CSIC also number among its clients. [+]


Predator B block 5

In Defense, SENER is a supplier of electromechanical systems, systems for... submarines and helicopter modernization services. [+]

Aeronautics and vehicles

Avión KC 390 de Embraer

In Aeronautics and Vehicles, SENER develops electromechanical systems and... aeronautical production lines, as well as providing engineering services both for aircraft, railway rolling stock and other vehicles. [+]

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Aerospace Helicon Plasma Thrusters (HPT)

Helicon Plasma Thrusters (HPT) electric propulsion device. The Helicon Plasma Thrusters (HPT) are electric in Space propulsion devices based on ... radiofrequency plasma generation.[+]

Aerospace DTA - Rotary Actuator Product Range

SENER has developed in a co-funded progam with ESA a fully European family of rotary actuators for space applications, such as array drivers, optical mechanism drives, deployment mechanisms, antenna pointing mechanisms and Electrical ProPulsion Modules (EPPM) actuation. DTA product range are versatile components that can be used on applications as: Deployable radiator Electrical propulsion module Generic antenna mechanisms Antenna reflector boom without tracking Antenna reflector boom with tracking system Large deployable structures Reconfigurable appendages or payloads on board telecom platforms. The space qualifi[+]

Aerospace Life extension program of the AB-212 helicopters

The program for the modernization of seven Agusta Bell helicopters of the Spanish Navy in service since 1974, will ... extend their operational life in at least 15 years, incorporating advances in equipment and avionics.[+]

Aerospace MTG. Scan Assembly (SCA)

The MTG (Meteosat Third Generation) is made up of six satellites installed on two different platforms, MTG-I and MTG-S ...which, in turn have two key instruments: on the one hand, the Flexible Combined Imager (FCI) and, on the other hand, the InfraRed Sounder (IRS), each one integrated into its respective platform and the main purpose of which is to carry out complementary observation tasks. The scanning mechanisms are a key[+]

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