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SENER successfully supplies engineering services, produces equipment and integrates systems for the:

In all these areas, SENER has recognized experience and the capacity to take on integrated projects, from design through production, testing and integration, in its own high-performance facilities, for all the equipment and systems it supplies. SENER also provides subsequent logistical support.

As a result of its continued focus on research and development, SENER has become a key player in the main European projects and is also involved in large programs in Latin America.

SENER’s inroad into the aerospace sector came in 1967, with a contract to design and build the rocket launch tower at Kiruna (Sweden) for ESRO, the forerunner of the European Space Agency. Since then, over the course of nearly five decades working in the aerospace industry, SENER’s degree of responsibility in projects has grown and it is now the principal contractor for complete programs and systems.

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This operation has enabled SENER to add to its capabilities in aerospace communications systems while, at the same time, expanding its engineering capabilities towards industrial activity in the space and defence sector.... [+]

The 2017 accounts show an Operating Income of 766.8 million euros and a workforce of over 2,250 people. EBITDA increased to 26.1 million euros, 33% more than in 2016. Innovation continues to be a cornerstone, with an investment of over 25.4 million in R&D, equivalent to a 2.2% increase over the previous year.... [+]

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