Aeronautics and vehicles

In Aeronautics and Vehicles, SENER develops electromechanical systems and aeronautical production lines, as well as providing engineering services both for aircraft, railway rolling stock and other vehicles.

  • In electromechanical systems,SENER executes the design, manufacturing, assembly, integration and classification of electromechanical actuators and electronic cards, and marry-ups and modules for aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines and unmanned aircraft.
  • In production lines, SENER delivers turnkey production and assembly lines, particularly for composite material aerostructures. Specifically, the company specializes in the automation of structural assembly processes and the manufacturing of composite parts, with 4.0 production and automated handling systems.
  • In engineering services, SENER executes high value-added projects, principally for the aerospace and rail industries. 

SENER invests in research, development and innovation in composite material manufacturing technologies for application in the aeronautical, rail and automotive industries, and focuses in particular on the optimization of automated production processes for composite material parts. 

SENER, the driving force behind ITP

SENER has been applying its technology and innovation capabilities to the Aeronautics industry since the 1980s. In order to set up the Eurojet consortium to develop and produce the EJ200 engine for the Eurofighter, SENER was a principal backer of ITP, today one of the world’s leading companies in aeronautical engine and gas turbines, still with SENER as a majority shareholder. 

The EJ200 also gave SENER its entry route into the aeronautical industry, as it took responsibility for executing the engineering of the Spanish work package on the engine. As the design leader, in the 90s SENER developed the convergent/divergent nozzle of the EJ200, along with other key elements.

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