SENER has been active in ground-based astronomy and large scientific installations since the year 2000. The company’s technological excellence is manifest through an extensive portfolio of projects, including clients such as the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

E-ELT Fifth Mirror Field Stabilization Unit

SENER’s work in Astronomy covers: 

  • Optical systems: from structural elements through mechanisms for optical and focal plane systems.
  • Electromechanical components and systems.
  • Instrumentation systems: for space missions and science facilities, including synchrotron radiation facilities. In addition, SENER provides engineering support to experimental beamline users who need to develop custom instruments for their experimental stations. Its expertise has been proven through its experience in landmark European facilities such as the European Synchrotron Research Facility (ESRF) and other High-Energy Physics research groups.
  • Telescope mirror positioning systems: precision positioning and pointing systems for optical components such as mirrors, lenses, filters, etc. The company specializes in creating customized high-performance actuation and positioning systems for all types of mirrors, including mirrors of exceptional size and weight (which are positioned in five degrees of freedom, with hexapods reaching accuracies of the order of microns and tip-tilt devices for correcting the field of vision and observing the infrared spectrum).

In the field of positioning systems, SENER’s capabilities include:IRAIT Secondary and Tertiary Mirror Drive Systems

  • opto-mechanical and electronics design;
  • control software;
  • analysis and simulation;
  • manufacturing;
  • subcontracting of mirrors;
  • assembly and integration;
  • equipment validation and testing with optical instruments in seismically isolated facilities.

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