Helicopter modernization

Helicóptero AB-212SENER takes on complex helicopter modernization projects that prolong their life by adapting them to the operational needs of armed forces and police forces and improving their performance, at a much lower cost than replacing them with new models.

Modernization includes operations such as replacing the electrical system and analogue cockpit with a fully digitalized one, as well as incorporating state-of-the-art mission systems such as EFIS, EO/IR radar, AIS transceivers, GPS navigation, TAWS, mission tablet computers (MTCs),loading cranes, modifications to auxiliary fuel tanks, missile approach warning system (MAWS), ballistic protection in cockpits and passenger cabins, armored and anti-crash seating for crew, and defense weaponry. SENER also provides plug-in technologies that allow helicopters to be rapidly reconfigured for new missions. 


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