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January 2015

SENER shows its aerospace capabilities at Aero India 2015:

February 18-22
Air Force Station Yelahanka, in Bengaluru (India)

SENER will be presenting at Aero India 2015 projects in Defence, such electromechanical control and actuation systems, especially in the missile domain; guidance, navigation and control (GNC) systems; and electro optical sensor developments (Multispectral) The Company also has the capability for complex systems integration, from basic specification to design, testing and production.

And, in Space, SENER will present engineering and manufacturing services in actuation systems, optical sensors and components, including integral concept of space telescopes and scientific instrumentation: from optical design, inclusive of the focal plane, to integration and verification tasks.; and guidance, navigation and control systems (Attitude Orbit Control Systems).


Life extension program of the AB-212 helicopters [+info]
METEOR FAS: Scope and Status [+info]
METEOR FAS: Scope and Status [+info]
SEOSAT/INGENIO. Spanish Earth Observation Satellite [+info]
GAIA Deployable Sunshield [+info]


- Electro Mechanical Actuators for Aerospace applications [+info]

- SENER DTA family high Detent Torque rotatory actuator [+info]

- Integration and Test facilities [+info]



Gaia Deployable Sunshield



More information about our participation:

Media: Renjini Varghese - e-mail: renjini.v@gmail.com - Telephone: +91 9819258783

Business: Sunderarajan Varadan - e-mail: sunder.varadan@sener.in - Telephone: +91 9900089339

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