DTA Rotary Actuators product range expands


The DTA family with SENER´s proprietary know-how magnetic elements enlarges its portfolio with new references


First DTA product (SENER trade name for its family of Rotary Actuators for space applications) started production on 2017 and has been continuously manufactured since then. DTA-12-120-1 is high performance, high detent rotary actuator suitable for applications like steering of antennas and electrical propulsion modules, deployment of radiators and large structures, etc… DTA-12-120-1 is being integrated on several science and commercial/telecom missions and will make his maiden flight as early as 2021.


DTA family is being increased with the new products DTA-4-200 and DTA-4-300 (38 mm diameter) and DTA-6-200 (60 mm diameters). These products are general purpose, general applications rotary actuators with smaller diameters but based on the same technology and heritage that the DTA-12- series actuators. They also integrate SENER SUM stepper motors and can be available with various reduction gearset configurations, feedback sensors, etc…and if needed can be highly customized in accordance with requirement specifications.

DTA-4 and DTA-6 products are being developed under SENER R&D&i program and will reach TRL6/7 along 2019. Product quotations are already available upon request. All DTA products are 100% ITAR / EAR restrictions free.

 SENER DTA series rangeSENER DTA series range

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