SENER organised a ceremony for the 1000th delivery of a Meteor missile Fin Actuation Subsystem to MBDA

12/07/2018 (Spain)
SENER organised a ceremony for the 1000th delivery of a Meteor missile Fin Actuation Subsystem to MBDA

The engineering and technology group SENER has organised a  celebration for the 1000th delivery in support of the Meteor programme, in which SENER manufactures the FAS (Fin Actuation Subsystem) for MBDA UK, who make the aforementioned European Meteor missile system. The event took place at SENER's Madrid facilities in Tres Cantos. The FAS subsystem is responsible for the controlled movement of the missile's fins in order to obtain the desired trajectory.

SENER has been responsible for completing the design and development of the FAS for Meteor, currently acting as design authority. This work includes its certification and the manufacture of all the series units during Meteor's production phase, which will last for several years. The company will also provide product support throughout the FAS's entire lifecycle.

During the ceremony, SENER's Vicepresident, Andrés Sendagorta, the Managing Director of Aerospace, José Julián Echevarría, and the Director of the Integration and Test Division, Ignacio Pérez Berbel, showed MBDA representatives and institutional representatives the FAS assembly line and the main developments in the design of this key component.

Meteor is a new-generation Beyond Visual Range Air to Air missile that incorporates innovative design solutions. One of its most notable features is the ramjet engine, which allows it to reach longer distances than its competitors at high speed and with high maneuverability. Directed by a consortium of six countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, France, Italy and Germany), Meteor is integrated into the Eurofighter, Gripen and Rafale platforms. 

Phases of SENER's work on Meteor

SENER began work on this project in late 2009. In an initial phase, a technical team traveled to MBDA's facilities in Stevenage, UK in order to achieve an optimal transfer of the project. Meanwhile SENER concurrently worked on its own on the engineering and development for the FAS, in close collaboration with MBDA UK. In a second phase, which lasted until mid 2011, the company completed the definition of the design for the FAS and made significant efforts to improve the system's performance

In mid 2013, after a long and exhaustive qualification campaign, MBDA UK awarded SENER the certificate of design for the FAS. This milestone closed the subsystem's development phase and marked the beginning of the production and delivery of the series units, which is currently ongoing and will continue for several years.

SENER's Aerospace Managing Director, José Julián Echevarría, points out that the main challenges SENER confronted in this project have been, on one hand, technological, due to the strictest requirements of the system for the FAS, and, on the programme side, the very strict deadlines required. "Together, both factors generated the need for a major effort to manage the associated risks," explains Echevarría. And he adds: "The Meteor FAS program represents a qualitative leap in the company's participation in major multinational defence programmes. It is a step forward that confirms SENER's position as an international centre of excellence in missile control and actuation systems."

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  The President of SENER, Jorge Sendagorta, has been awarded the Honorary Member's medal, which is granted by the Spanish Institute of Engineering (Instituto de Ingeniería de España, IIE). This institution decided to give the distinction to Jorge Sendagorta after he was nominated by the Spanish Association of Naval and Ocean Engineers, in recognition of his professional career. According to the institution: “It's a prize to the engineer, but undoubtedly also to the engineering carried out at SENER, which is spearheading Spanish engineering around the world and in the most innovative sectors."[+]

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