DTA enters into series productions

02/03/2017 (United States)
DTA enters into series productions

SENER has been granted by telecom satellite manufacturer Airbus Defence and Space with the first contract for a series production of the DTA 1201 Rotary Actuator for the Eurostar Neo product line (NEOSAT). DTA1201 is a member of the DTA family of Rotary Actuators for space applications such as solar array drivers, optical mechanism drive, deployment mechanisms, antenna pointing and Electrical Propulsion Modules actuation, among others.

The DTA family is characterized by delivering a high detent torque. All DTA products are based on a modular design that allows quick development of new variants with a short time-to-market. All products are available with a range of electrical motors, sensors and accessories like RF waveguide, gimbal assemblies, or several configurations for the electrical interface. DTA1201 product it is based on a 2.25º stepper motor designed and manufactured by SENER with support from the ESA’s ARTES programme.

Satellite 2017

SENER will be present at SATELLITE Fair in Washington that take place from March 6 to 9 in Washington (USA) with different electromechanical components and systems. For example the Medium Gain Antenna Major Assembly (MGAMA) is a medium-gain dual-axis steerable antenna assembly that provides main uplink and downlink communications between the JUICE spacecraft and Earth. The MGAMA will be used in the TT&C (Telemetry, Tracking and Command) Subsystem of the satellite. During flybys where the instruments require specific pointing of the spacecraft, the MGAMA is used for communication and radioscience.

SATELLITE 2017 unites aerospace thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, end-users and enthusiasts together in one place for the largest most important global satellite technology event of the year. For more than 35 years, SATELLITE has played a critical role in determining how satellites will shape the future our world. The show welcomes a community of aerospace professionals from every market and field of study, hailing from more than 150 nations around the world.

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