SENER presents its capabilities in Space and Defense at MSPO 2018

03/09/2018 (Poland)
SENER presents its capabilities in Space and Defense at MSPO 2018

The engineering and technology group SENER will be present, once again, at MSPO Expo annual international meeting for the Security & Defense industries that will take place in Kielce (Poland) from September 4 to 7. At this edition, SENER will have its own booth to exhibit in-house solutions for Defense and Space

In Space, SENER has got more than 50 years of experience as a first-rate international supplier of electromechanical components and systems, navigation systems (GNC/AOCS), communications systems, and Astronomy and Optics. SENER is currently participating in the most important projects of the ESA and NASA Space agencies and of the European Space Observatory. 

From its Poland offices, SENER specializes, among others, in in the fields of deployment and hold-down mechanisms – essential for transportation of space vehicles and for subsequent deployment of solar panels, antennas and measuring instruments – and Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) – used for precise repositioning of satellites in order to facilitate access for technicians, and for transportation to test chambers and loading spaces. In those fields, SENER will share at MSPO the work carried out from its Polish facilities in the Space missions ExoMars, Euclid, ATHENA, JUICE, IBDM and the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). 

In Defense, the company develops electromechanical systems, communications systems and helicopter modernization services, and is well recognised globally as a reliable provider of products and services with high added value. At MSPO, SENER will highlight its capabilities in missiles actuation and control systems, being a European centre of excellence for the design, development, production, integration, testing, and logistical support of these systems for different missile programs, such as IRIS-T and IRIS-T SL (for the manufacturer Diehl), METEOR (for MBDA), TAURUS KEPD 350 (for MBDA/SAAB), and SMU (Stabilized Mirror Unit) for SAAB’s RBS-70 NG SHORAD system. 


Targi Kielce, in Kielce (Poland)

4-7 September 2018

Hall D, stand 27

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  The President of SENER, Jorge Sendagorta, has been awarded the Honorary Member's medal, which is granted by the Spanish Institute of Engineering (Instituto de Ingeniería de España, IIE). This institution decided to give the distinction to Jorge Sendagorta after he was nominated by the Spanish Association of Naval and Ocean Engineers, in recognition of his professional career. According to the institution: “It's a prize to the engineer, but undoubtedly also to the engineering carried out at SENER, which is spearheading Spanish engineering around the world and in the most innovative sectors."... [+]

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