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Helicon Plasma Thrusters (HPT)

Helicon Plasma Thrusters (HPT) electric propulsion device. The Helicon Plasma Thrusters (HPT) are electric in Space propulsion devices based on radiofrequency plasma generation. The resulting plasma...[+]


NEReA is a low shock Non Explosive Release Actuator that provides a rapid response with low-power consumption over a range of temperatures compatible with the Space environment. NEReA...[+]

SENER SUM Stepper Motors

SENER stepper motors are known for an unparalleled correlation between CAD model and final product. This space-qualified technology allows very flexible designs on a wide range for parameters...[+]

Low profile APM

Low profile Antenna Pointing Mechanism (APM). SENER has developed a novel two axis APM-Cardan mechanism for better pointing accuracy of satellite antennas. This solution provides a low-profile mechanical...[+]

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