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E-ELT Field Stabilization Unit

SENER was responsible for the conceptual design and validation of the field stabilization unit’s performance for the M5 mirror. This was done by designing and...[+]


EUCLID is a space mission to study the nature of the dark universe: dark matter and dark energy. To carry out its purpose, the mission...[+]

Exomars Drill Mechanisms

Discovering whether there ever was or still is life on Mars is one of the most important scientific questions of our time. It is also...[+]

Nanometer corrected mirror bender

SENER is offering a very high performance mirror bender with spring correctors aiming to obtain optical surface accurate with sub-nanometer precision.  The concept has been developed by...[+]

WEAVE. WHT prime-focus corrector system

WEAVE (WHT Enhanced Area Velocity Explorer) is a new wide-field spectrograph being developed for the 4.2-m William Herschel Telescope (WHT) located in the Observatorio del...[+]

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