DTA-6-100 product range

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DTA-6-100 product range
DTA-6-100 product range
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The small diameter actuator for the DTA family provides outstanding performances on a low diameter, low profile package.

DTA-6-150 actuators, like all SENER products for Commercial Space, are 100% free of any export restriction, easing dramatically the procurement and logistics of these devices all around the World.

  • Applications:
  • Antennas deployment and pointing
  • Optical systems actuation
  • Gimbal pointing actuation
  • Launch lock and deployment
  • Solar Array Drive Actuators
  • Structures deployment and actuation

Preliminary technical performances

Dimensions mm 95 x 60 diam.
Mass Kg 0.5
Step Angle mdeg 9.1
Detent torque Nm 5
Running torque Nm >20
Krx Nm/rad 6


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