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Over its 50+ years of experience in the space sector, SENER has acquired the knowledge and abilities to specify and design rotary actuators.

This type of device is a key component in many of the over 275 flight units it has delivered. Inside these units, SENER’s actuators have already flown on the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and GAIA missions.

These success stories led SENER to propose its solution to the space market and, with support from the European Space Agency, it started to develop its DTA family of products in 2014.

The range of DTA products consists of versatile components for a wide variety of applications:

  • Deployable radiators
  • Electric drive modules
  • Antenna reflectors with or without a tracking system
  • Antenna reflectors with a tracking system
  • Large, deployable structures
  • Reconfigurable appendages or payloads in on-board telecommunication platforms


The highly vertical integration of activities involved in the design and manufacture of DTA actuators allows SENER to offer its clients the option to adapt the products to  their specifications with a short turnaround time.

All design activities, including those for the SUM electric motors, are done by SENER engineers, aided by the most modern CAD/CAE tools in the market. SENER also integrates its products in one of its many ISO7 Clean Rooms, in keeping with the highest quality standards in the industry.

Each DTA actuator that is manufactured undergoes a battery of functional and environmental tests to ensure it will operate correctly during its life cycle in the extreme conditions of outer space.


The DTA actuators are available in different sizes and share a modular design philosophy that relies on the following, easily modifiable components:

  • Stepper motor
  • Reduction stage (harmonic, planetary or Wolfrom gear)
  • Position sensors

The products presented here can be adapted to specific mission requirements for a non-recurring minor cost. However, the client, when selecting one of the configurations presented here, benefits from all the design and verification work already done, which lowers costs and delivery times.


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