K-band ‘I’ Style Waveguide Rotary Joint

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The K-band ‘I’ Style Waveguide Rotary Joint is aimed to provide radiofrequency connectivity between spacecraft and any steerable antenna operating at K-band (25.5 GHz to 27 GHz range) with WR-34 waveguide interface. Its mechanical and  radiofrequency designs have been optimized to be integrated within SENER DTA Series of space actuators, providing an accurate, high torque and modular solution for either one or several axes Antenna Pointing Mechanisms. The optimized radiofrequency design minimizes insertion and return losses, and presents outstanding wideband phase stability. 

This Rotary Joint model is being used for Euclid High Gain Antenna Deployment Pointing Mechanism, and it is currently being subjected to its flight acceptance campaign.

  • Main features
  • Development Level: TRL7. Currently on flight acceptance campaign.
  • Application:  Single-axis / Multiple axes Antenna Pointing Mechanisms.
  • Missions:  Euclid (HGA Antenna Deployment and Pointing Mechanism).
  • Temperature Range:  -40º / +120º.
  • Mechanical performance:  Compatible with SENER Detent Torque Actuator (DTA).
  • Frequency of operation:  25.5 – 27 GHz
  • Waveguide Interface:  WR-34
  • Maximum Insertion Loss:  0.15 dB
  • Typical Insertion Loss:  0.12 dB
  • Maximum Return Loss:  18 dB
  • Typical Return Loss:  22 dB
  • Phase WoW:  < 5 deg
  • Group delay variation vs frequency:  < 0.5 ns
  • Power (CW):  > 50 W
  • Materials:  Silver plated aluminium

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