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APM low profile
APM low profile
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Low profile Antenna Pointing Mechanism (APM).

SENER has developed a novel two axis APM-Cardan mechanism for better pointing accuracy of satellite antennas.

This solution provides a low-profile mechanical assembly that maximizes the RF performances of the antenna. The design of the mechanism allows safe stowage during launching without the need of an additional hold down and release mechanism.

Movement is ruled by means of to SENER DTA Actuators that are based also on SENER SUM stepper motors. There is then a full vertical integration of elements on this mechanism.

This mechatrom subsystem can be fitted to panel antennas as well as on top floor antennas. Some key performances of this subsystem are:

Characteristic Unit  
Mass Kg < 6
Dimensions mm
(w x l x h)
< 310 x 290 x 240
Steering Capacity deg +/-5 (up to +/-9)
Output Step angle deg <0.006º
Stiff ness (kx,ky,kz) N/m >5,00E+06
Stiff ness (krx,kry,krz) Nm/rad >5,00E+04
Pointing cycles   > 10.000
Power consumption W 10*
Antenna mass Kg > 5
Operational Temperature range ºC -45/+100
Technology Research Level (TRL)   8 (Q12018)
Release device   Not needed. Self supporting

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