METEOR FAS: Scope and Status

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meteor meteor meteor
  • Client: MBDA
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Start date: 2009
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SENER, as a subcontractor to the European group MBDA, a world leader in missiles and missile systems, is participating in the multinational program of the new missile Meteor. This participation refers to the critical sub-system FAS (Fin Actuation Subsystem).

Meteor is a next-generation, fast and highly manoeuvrable Beyond Visual Range (BVR) air-to-air missile that incorporates enhanced technologies in its design. Among them, its new propulsion system stands up, a ramjet which gives Meteor its high speed performance and the energy to defeat fast, manoeuvring targets at long range.

The FAS is the subsystem that moves, in a controlled manner, the fins of the missile to obtain its desired trajectory.

SENER is responsible for completing the design and development of the FAS including its certification. The design authority of the sub-system has been transferred during the development phase. SENER, acting as the FAS design authority, manufactures all the series units during the production phase of Meteor.

The first units of the Meteor series production were delivered in 2013.

After completing the development and industrialization of FAS, the program is in its phase of production, reaching the delivery of 1.000 units in 2018.

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