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NEReA is a low shock Non Explosive Release Actuator that provides a rapid response with low-power consumption over a range of temperatures compatible with the Space environment. NEReA is compatible with electrical systems for pyro activation.

NEReA products cater for a wide range of features required by this particular market niche. Several models share a very similar design, so by customizing just a few individual components, a large number of needs are catered for.

NEReA products are available with electrical terminals for actuation, although they may be supplied with connectors upon request.


The extremely high vertical integration of work related to the design and manufacture  of NEReA products has enabled SENER to offer its customers very verastile products that meet their needs in a short space of  time.

All design work is carried out by SENER engineers with the help of the latest CAD/CAE tools on the market. SENER also integrates its products in one of its many ISO7 Clean Rooms, in keeping with the highest quality standards in the industry.

NEReA products are put through a series of rigorous functional and environmental tests to ensure that they operate correctly under the most extreme conditions in outer space throughout their service life.

NEReA products are employed in:

  • Masts
  • Solar panels
  • Antennas
  • Launchers (phase separation, satellites and/or payloads)


The design of NEReA products is based on a fusible element that releases a standard threaded screw inside our product. This fusible element is designed to be triggered by the same pulse that triggers a pyrotechnic element, with the added advantage of not producing any type of residue or volatile fragment

Other noteworthy features are:

  • Very short release time (less than 50 ms)
  • Very low induced shock level
  • Totally reliable redundant device

The fusible element is easily replaceable by using special equipment and tools supplied by SENER, but without the need to dismantle the NEReA.

Technical characteristics:

Resistance < 2 
Input Voltage 28 V
Actuation current >5 A
Actuation time < 10 ms
Bolt dimensions M10
Axial Preload 30000 N
Mass 190 gr (estimated)
Envelope (TBC) 80 mm (diameter)
60 mm (height)
Material Housing Ti6al4V
Material Spring Bronze/CuBe2/Ti6Al4V

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