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SENER PDM product range are of application for the operation in Space of structures like thermal radiators, antenna panels and any other type of single-deployment appendage that requires additional torque due to fl exible tubes, wiring and/or waveguides.

The mechanism can be driven by four clock springs while the deployment speed is regulated by two viscous dampers in order to control deployment. Viscous dampers are secured to the mechanism by means of two fl exible couplings in order to be able to decouple them from the mechanism main shaft.

The mechanism is kept in the deployed position against the endof-stroke stop by means of the residual torque of the deployment springs. The end stop has a set of Belleville springs to adjust the panel’s structure natural frequency to client requirements.

This design concept has been successfully implemented on the deployment mechanism of the Solar Orbiter I-boom (TRL08), and on the development of a thermal radiator for commercial satellites under the European H2020 PEGASUS program (TRL08 on 2018).

  • PDM-01 characteristics:
  • Low profile and mass
  • Totally passive mechanism
  • Mass: 5,6 kg
  • Deployment range: 180º
  • Deployed angle precision: <0,3º
  • Stiffnesses
    ·Axis direction: 4400 N/mm
    ·Radial on interface plane: 12000 N/mm
    ·Rotation around the axis: 1300 Nm/rad
  • Maximum loads
    ·Axis direction 1900N
    ·Radial on interface plane: 5400 N/mm
    ·Radial off plane: 6400 N
    ·First natural Frequency: 160 Hz


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