Pulse Line HTP A330

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Pulse Line HTP A330
Pulse Line HTP A330
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date:
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SENER is producing a Pulse Line for HTP A330 equipment. It consists of 8 workstations and an inspection station and includes 8 vehicles with wireless communication to pass the line once all the operations are complete.

  • Main features and elements:
  • 1 waiting station.
  • 2 general equipment stations.
  • 1 specific station for assembling fuel systems, including a synchronized lifting system.
  • 1 fuel testing station.
  • 2 final equipment stations and a hydraulic testing station.
  • 1 inspection / repair station.
  • 8 automatic transport vehicles, with wireless communication to the Pulse Line control post.
  • Line automation.

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