DTA 1200. High Detent Torque, space qualified general purpose rotary actuator

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DTA 1200 . Actuador rotatorio para aplicaciones espaciales con alto par de retención
DTA 1200 . Actuador rotatorio para aplicaciones espaciales con alto par de retención
  • Country: Spain
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The DTA 1200  is the first qualified product in the family of high detent torque rotary actuators. The development activities were funded by means of own R&D&i resources and with the support of ESA/CDTI through ARTES programs.

This family of products is suitable for both the institutional space market and the telecommunications market, with possible applications in platforms such as Spacebus Neo and Neosat, among others.

Flight references:

This product is a direct evolution of the HDRA actuator, which has flown in the SAR deployment mechanism of the Sentinel-1 satellite and the Gaia Deployable Sunshield Assembly.


  • 2- or 4-phase electric stepper motor with redundant windings.
  • HD gear providing high reduction ratio, excellent torque capacity and torsional stiffness.
  • Magnetic brake, with high detent torque and zero electricity consumption.
  • Enhanced positioning accuracy and repeatability. Excellent angular resolution and high stiffness.


  • Electric Propulsion Pointing Mechanisms (EPPM).
  • Antenna pointing with or without tracking system.

Chart of characteristics:

Motor Step Angle Deg  1
Reduction Ratio   160:1
Output Step Angle Deg  0.00625
Shaft Load Capability Axial N > 10500
Shaft Load Capability Transverse N  > 8500
Shaft Load Capability Moment Nm > 275
Torsional stiffness Nm/rad > 11600 @ zero load
Detent Torque Nm 28.5 +/- 1.5
Output Torque @ nom speed Nm 2 ph  64 Wave
79 Full
4 ph 11 Wave
39 Full
Total Assembly Weight (including harness) Kg  2.4

Power (full step)

 2 ph < 20 Wave
< 40 Full
 4 ph 11 Wave
22 Full
Thermal range: Operating ºC  -40 to + 100



  • Use of waveguides or wiring routing through the central opening.
  • Use of different types of sensor (potentiometers, CAPS, etc.).
  • Available in biaxial gimbal configuration.
  • Electrical I/F by means of discrete wires or connectors.
  • Possibility of adding heaters to the outside or the inside of the device.


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