SAOCOM-CS Hold Down and Release Mechanism (HRM) and Deployment Mechanism (DEM)

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Deployment Mechanism (DEM) Hold Down and Release Mechanism (HRM)
Deployment Mechanism (DEM)
Hold Down and Release Mechanism (HRM)
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In 2013, CONAE (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales, Argentina) offered ESA to launch a small satellite together with SAOCOM-1B. ESA, together with European experts and CONAE have assessed the feasibility to fly a passive add-on satellite (Companion Satellite) in formation with SAOCOM.

This new concept is based on making 3D observations from space using two radar satellites in tandem. SAOCOM-CS would fly in formation with SAOCOM-1B, capturing its radar echoes as they are reflected from Earth’s surface. It would allow the science community to explore new applications, ranging from improved 3D maps of boreal forests, through to 3D maps of surface deformation.

SENER in frame of SAOCOM-CS mission is responsible for development and qualifi cation of two mechanisms:

  • Hold-Down and Release Mechanism (HRM) used to keep the two deployable L-band antenna panels in a stowed position during assembly, storage, launch and releases the deployment upon an external command.
  • Deployment Mechanism (DEM) used to deploy the two L-band antenna panels and to keep them in a fully deployed position (90°).

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