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  • Country: Spain
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Since 2015, SENER has become a leading global expert in the design and manufacture of motors for the aerospace industry. SENER has vertically integrated this potential into its portfolio by investing company resources in its R+D+i program.

The SUM stepper family of motors is currently being integrated into the rotary actuator product line that will be deployed in flights on the Next Generation Platform (known as Neosat), as well as the Euclid, Exomars and Juice scientific European Space Agency (ESA) missions.

The SUM motor design process ensures a high degree of consistency between the FEM model and the manufactured units.

This means shorter turnaround times by minimizing the number of repetitions needed to obtain a motor that matches specifications.

The stepper motor portfolio caters for diameters ranging from 38 to 150mm, in 2-phase and 4-phase designs. The number of turns per phase, distance between rotor and stator, etc., which are design parameters used by SENER’s engineers in the course of their work, may be seen in the attached table.


All design activities, including those for the SUM electric motors, are done by SENER engineers, aided by the most modern CAD/CAE tools in the market.

Excluding the manufacture of basic parts, all AIT activities are carried out by SENER’s personnel at its own installations.


SUM motors are currently manufactured in diameters ranging from 38 to 150 mm, in 2-phase and 4-phase designs. These parameters are non-restrictive and different designs may be configured upon request.

Technical data:

  Unit SUM-38-120 SUM-38-200 SUM-150-1800 SUM-55-360 SUM-88-160 SUM-88-360 SUM-88-800
Rotor size mm 38 38 150 55 88 88 88
Steps   120 200 1800 360 160 360 800
Mass gr. 130 130 915 230 400 400 400
Running torque Nm 0.15 0.08 15 0.3 0.55 0.6 0.3
Detent torque mNm 25 5 2000 45 145 80-150 80
Resistance Ohm 80 80 28 38 65 80-100 TBC
Technology maturity   TRL6 TRL3 TRL3 Space qualified TRL8 TRL8 TRL4
Temperature range ºC -45/+95 -45/+95 -45/+95 -45/+95 -45/+95 -45/+95 -45/+95

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