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VLT Unidad principal de GRAAL VLT Unidad principal de GRAAL
VLT Unidad principal de GRAAL
VLT Unidad principal de GRAAL
  • Start date: 2008
  • Ending date: 2011
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GRAAL (GRound layer Adaptive optics Assisted by Lasers) is the adaptive optics module for the Hawk-I NIR imager and is aimed at upgrading a VLT 8m telescope to an Adaptive Telescope, providing turbulence corrected images at the foci.

The GRAAL Main Assembly height is above 3m and its overall weight about 850 kg

The main parts of GRAAL are:

  • Aluminium and steel structures providing a light-weight, stiff and thermal controlled support for the different subsystems and electronic cabinets
  • A co-rotator, including a 1.1 m precision bearing, a torque drive and a multi-head angular encoder allowing angular tracking with an accuracy better than 10 arcsec rms
  • A cable guide system to trace all necessary signals from the fixed and mobile part of the co-rotator
  • A set of wave-front sensors with positioning stages: 4 for tracking of laser guide-stars, 1 for tracking of a natural star and an additional one for maintenance and commissioning
  • A maintenance and commissioning mode arm and re-imaging optics
  • A set of calibrators for the different assemblies.

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