X-Band ‘L’ Style Waveguide Rotary Joint

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X-band X-band
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The X-band ‘L’ Style Waveguide Rotary Joint is aimed to provide radiofrequency connectivity between spacecraft and any steerable antenna operating at X-band (7.1 GHz to 7.3 GHz for uplink and 8.4 GHz to 8.6 GHz for downlink) with WR-112 waveguide interface.

Its mechanical design is aimed to facilitate the integration of the Rotary Joint within either one or two axes gimbals, like the Antenna Pointing Mechanisms (APMs) which have been provided by SENER for BepiColombo and Solar Orbiter ESA programs. The optimized radiofrequency design ensures excellent insertion and return losses, with good phase stability at both uplink and downlink bands.

  • Main features:
  • Development Level:  TRL4. Currently on Qualification Campaign.
  • Application:  Single-axis / Dual-axis Antenna Pointing Mechanisms.
  • Missions:  BepiColombo (HGA & MGA Antenna Pointing Mechanisms), Solar Orbiter (HGA & MGA Antenna Pointing Mechanisms).
  • Temperature Range:  -55º / +105º.
  • Frequency of operation:  7 - 8.6 GHz
  • Waveguide Interface:  WR-112
  • Maximum Insertion Loss:  0.12 dB
  • Typical Insertion Loss:  0.1 dB
  • Maximum Return Loss:  20 dB
  • Typical Return Loss:  > 25 dB (7.1 GHz - 7.3 GHz & 8.4 GHz - 8.6 GHz)
    > 22 dB (7.3 GHz - 8.4 GHz)
  • Phase WoW:  < 5 deg
  • Group delay variation vs frequency:  < 0.5 ns
  • Power (CW):  > 500 W
  • Material:  Aluminium

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